Attack of the Brainsucker

Samantha, a little girl growing up in the sixties, loves classic b-movies and monsters. That is, until they start to invade her bedroom and her obsession compels her parents to seek help from the latest scientific breakthrough.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writer: Sid Zanforlin & Chris Bavota
Producer: Martin Henri & Marie-Claire Lalonde
Year: 2012
Length: 13 minutes

Les Élus

A woman finds herself in the midst of the creation of a Myth.

Director: Dominique Loubier
Writer: Dominique Loubier
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar, Yves Desjardins
Status: Post-production


Briarwood Manor sits on the edge of town: a monument to decadence and gluttony. When an unscrupulous woman hears of an opportunity to dine with the Briarwoods, she assaults the intended dinner guest and takes her place.

Director: Chris Bavota
Writer: Chris Bavota
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar
Length: 10 minutes

Maiden Mother Crone

A young boy grows up with his troubled mother as she spiritually deteriorates from maiden, mother to crone, forcing him to take action before she is gone forever.

Director: Kevin Walker
Writer: Kevin Walker
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar

Never Tear Us Apart (Feature)

After learning he’s adopted, a metalhead outcast discovers his real family is a Southern clan of pig-farming cannibals.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writer: Sid Zanforlin
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Chris Bavota


Laynie Robinson has an amazing slap shot, but witnessing her mother’s death has left her with a panic-inducing fear of the ice. When a Zamboni possessed by a vengeful spirit starts to terrorize the local arena, she’ll have to sharpen her blades and hit the ice in order to survive sudden death.

Director: Chris Bavota
Writer: Chris Bavota
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar

Chris Bavota

Chris is an award-winning Canadian screenwriter and founder of The Return to Odd and Deep Red horror film festivals. Raised on a steady diet of b-movie action, psychological horror and slapstick comedy, his career has focused on creating and supporting subversive cinema. ATTACK OF THE BRAINSUCKER, his first collaboration with Sid Zanforlin, screened at over 40 film festivals and won 5 awards, including Best Screenplay and Best Short Film. Last year his feature screenplay GHASTLIES was directed by Brett Kelly and will have a wide release in the fall of 2016.

He’s currently working two features, ZOMBONI and RED ACRES, both of which he plans to direct.

Patricia Gomez Zlatar

After graduating from Concordia University in Biology, Patricia Gomez Zlatar co-wrote and produced her first feature GRAVEYARD ALIVE – A ZOMBIE NURSE IN LOVE. Since its premiere, the film has screened in over 20 international film festivals and garnered numerous awards, as well as being picked up for distribution and international sales. In 2013 Patricia produced her second feature GO IN THE WILDERNESS, which just hit the festival circuit.

She’s currently producing several horror features and short projects, including the short LES ÉLUS to be completed in Fall 2016.

Sid Zanforlin

Sid Zanforlin is a Chilean-Canadian that grew up in Montréal. He is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre and has directed numerous shorts, plays, music videos and television shows. He also spent six years in Vancouver as a cameraman on various Hollywood productions. He has won numerous film and theatre directing awards all over the world and is currently directing horror, docu-drama series STRANGERS IN THE HOME and FATAL VOWS for The Discovery Channel.