Attack of the Brainsucker

Samantha, a little girl growing up in the sixties, loves classic b-movies and monsters. That is, until they start to invade her bedroom and her obsession compels her parents to seek help from the latest scientific breakthrough.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writers: Chris Bavota & Sid Zanforlin
Producers: Martin Henri & Marie-Claire Lalonde
Year: 2012
Length: 13 minutes

Go in the Wilderness

Go in the Wilderness tells the story of Lilith, Adam’s rebellious first mate, and her guardian, as they forge an uneasy alliance on their journey back to Eden. Once in the Garden, they meet Adam and his new mate Eve, and realise that all is not as it seems in Paradise… Shot against the striking backdrop of Quebec’s remote North Shore, Go in the Wilderness presents a bold new version of the myth of Creation.

Director: Elza Kephart
Writer: Elza Kephart
Producers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart
Year: 2013
Length: 61 minutes

Graveyard Alive – A Zombie Nurse in Love

Graveyard Alive follows the story of Patsy, a lonely, dreamy nurse who, after being bitten by a zombie, becomes a flesh-eating sex kitten. With her newfound powers, she tries to win back her old flame, the suave and handsome Dr. Dox, from Goodie Tueschuze, a bitchy young nurse. Shot in titillating Techniscope, Graveyard Alive is General Hospital meets Night of the Living Dead!

Director: Elza Kephart
Writers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart
Producers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar, Elza Kephart & Andrea Stark
Year: 2003
Length: 82 minutes

Les Élus

A woman finds herself in the midst of the creation of a Myth.

Director: Dominique Loubier
Writer: Dominique Loubier
Producers: Yves Desjardins & Patricia Gomez Zlatar
Year: 2017
Length: 14 minutes

Maiden Mother Crone

A young boy grows up with his troubled mother as she spiritually deteriorates from maiden, mother to crone, forcing him to take action before she is gone forever.

Director: Kevin Walker
Writer: Kevin Walker
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar
Status: Post-production

Exorcists Next Door

When ambitious stockbroker Holly returns to her ancestral home, she contracts a severe eye infection that allows her to unveil her repressed past. Holly soon discovers that she was exorcised as a baby by the old couple next door, who are determined to perform the ritual again, but this time to kill Holly and use her body as a vessel for the soul of their dead daughter.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Sid Zanforlin
Format: Feature

Never Tear Us Apart

After learning he’s adopted, a metalhead outcast discovers his real family is a Southern clan of pig-farming cannibals.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writers: Chris Bavota & Sid Zanforlin
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar
Format: Feature


Workaholic graduate student Lucy Townsend’s pent up frustration unleashes a poltergeist whose violence threatens to destroy everything around her, including herself.

Director: Elza Kephart
Writers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart
Format: Feature

Santa Clara

A Canadian tourist treks through Cuba in search of her missing baby—and uncovers the centuries-old legend of a mermaid witch with a lust for vengeance.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writers: Pierre Larouche & Sid Zanforlin
Format: Feature


Slaxxx tells the story of a possessed pair of jeans brought to life to punish the unscrupulous practices of a trendy clothing company. Shipped to the company’s flagship store, Slaxxx proceeds to wreak bloody carnage on the staff that is locked in overnight to set up the new collection. When the body count mounts, the panicked staff disbands and the struggle for survival begins. It is up to new-hire Libby to uncover the reason behind Slaxxx‘s blood thirst before the store opens and its evil is released into the world.

Director: Elza Kephart
Writers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart
Producers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart
Format: Feature

Sweet Blood

In Sweet Blood, vampires are a mortal tribe living secluded in the Caucasus Mountains. They have a lifespan ten times that of humans, drink blood and fear the sun. Over the centuries, the tribe have come to believe they are a superior species. When they find themselves no longer able to procreate and extinction inevitable, three members take drastic action and strike out into the human world to find a solution.

Director: Elza Kephart
Writers: Patricia Gomez Zlatar & Elza Kephart
Format: TV Series

The Dark City

Teenager Samantha Riggs comes upon a mysterious headset that sees into the future. It reveals the imminent end of the world by contamination and it’s nucleus originating from her small town. Unsure of who to trust, she brings together her closest friends to help her stop the events from happening before everything and everyone they love is wiped out.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writers: Stephen Phillipson & Sid Zanforlin
Format: VR web series 12 x 10 min

They’re Here

A young girl, in rural 1950’s Alberta, sets out to convince her small town that her grandmother has been taken over by an alien.

Director: Sid Zanforlin
Writer: Sid Zanforlin
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar
Format: Short film

Wet Velvet

A sensitive young man at an intimate slumber party imagines himself at the center of a music video where the latest girl band, sporting hairy chests, ride motorcycles in the desert.

Director: Gabriela Macleod
Writer: Gabriela Macleod
Producer: Patricia Gomez Zlatar
Format: Short

Patricia Gomez Zlatar

Patricia Gomez Zlatar was born in Chile, eventually settling in Montreal by way of Pennsylvania. After graduating from Concordia University in Biology, she co-wrote and produced her first feature Graveyard Alive – A Zombie Nurse in Love. Since its premiere, the film has screened extensively in festivals, garnering numerous awards.

Despite her love of film, Patricia decided to continue down the academic path and graduated with a Master’s in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida. After working several years as a scientist, she opted for a career change and returned to Montreal to form Head on the Door Productions, a company dedicated to creating innovative films in the horror and fantasy genre.

Since then, Patricia has produced her second feature Go in the Wilderness and the festival favorite short Never Tear Us Apart. She is currently producing several projects, including the shorts Les Élus, scheduled to hit the festival circuit in 2017, and Maiden Mother Crone, lensed in winter 2017.

Patricia is currently creating a vampire television series titled Sweet Blood, which was selected for the 2017 Torino SeriesLab, and pitched at the Series Mania Co-Production Forum in Paris. Her horror-comedy feature SLAXXX was selected to pitch at the 2017 Frontières Co-Production Market.

Patricia also works as an assistant accountant in the film industry. Her recent credits include Love Locks, Mother!, and Xmen: Dark Phoenix.

Sid Zanforlin

Sid Zanforlin is a Chilean Canadian that grew up in Montreal. Since graduating from Concordia University and the Canadian Film Centre, he has directed numerous shorts, plays, music videos and television shows. Sid Zanforlin has won a Mecca award for “Theatrical Revelation” of the season for the play “Jesus Hopped the A Train”, has been nominated for a Banff Television award for Best Children’s program (Prank Patrol) and his shorts “Attack of the Brainsucker” and “Never Tear Us Apart” have won many awards including Best Short at the Fantasia Film Festival. He recently was one of the directors for the horror anthology Minutes Past Midnight that recently had theatrical release in North America.